toshiba tt301Tablets for the most part are relatively portable. Even the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 which offers a 12-inch display, making it a tad bigger than most tablets out there today. However if for whatever reason you think you might need a larger display, perhaps for collaboration amongst teammates, you might be interested to learn that Toshiba has recently launched the TT301.

The TT301 is the latest tablet from Toshiba and it features a whopping 24-inch Full HD display. Essentially you could compare this to a normal computer monitor, except that in this case it has touch capabilities and will have all of its innards baked under the hood. The tablet is clearly aimed at the enterprise market although pricing and availability has yet to be revealed.

As far as its specs are concerned, the Toshiba TT301 will feature a 1GHz dual-core processor under the hood with 1.5GB of RAM. There will be 16GB of storage accompanying the tablet and will also feature infrared remote control. There will also be HDMI and Miracast support so users can plug into their laptops or even their desktops if they need an additional or larger display.

The tablet will also come with two 2W integrated speakers so if you need to use it to make presentations, we reckon you could get some decent sound from it. Unfortunately on the software side, the tablet will come preloaded with Android 4.2.1 but hopefully it will be updated to newer versions of Android later. The Toshiba TT301 is also expected to launch in Japan first.

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