Twitter is reportedly working on providing its users with relevant information, which will sit nicely with the real-time aspect of this microblogging network, and to make that happen the company wants to add a layer of detailed location information to tweets. According to a published report today Twitter and Foursquare are taking about a possible deal which could bring location to tweets next year.

Citing a source familiar with the deal, Business Insider reports that talks are underway and these features could arrive “as soon as the first quarter.”

This report about talks between Twitter and Foursquare comes at a time when the former is also independently hiring in its location department, with as many as six job listings for this department still up on its website.

As its stands Twitter’s location features aren’t really powerful. The location from where a user signs in can be determined, apart from the location that a user provides in their bio. Twitter reportedly wants to be able to determine from where each tweet originates.

The features that could be introduced as a result of this partnership include check-ins similar to Foursquare, recommendations about local businesses and surfacing content according to a user’s location.

A Twitter spokesperson didn’t acknowledge that a partnership with Foursquare is unlikely but added that for the microblogging network location is a “vehicle of discovery.” Similarly, a Foursquare spokesperson also declined to comment on the possibility of this partnership.

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