Microsoft may have unveiled Windows 10 a few weeks back but it is yet to confirm exactly when this new iteration for its operating system will be released to the public. A Technical Preview has been out for some time now, and the company is expected to release a consumer preview early next year. The Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft, Kevin Turner, has provided a timeframe for release.

Turner spoke about Windows 10, apart from the company’s evolving business model, at a technology conference by Credit Suisse in Phoenix, Arizona. Attendees at the conference were told by Turner that Microsoft is on track to “talk about the end-user consumer experiences in the early spring” of 2015.

He also said that Microsoft will provide a “developer preview” by early summer. Turner mentioned that the current plan of record is to bring out Windows 10 to consumers by “late summer and early fall.”

This suggests that Microsoft is going to show off a Technology Preview early next year, and it also expected that the company is going to preview the first mobile SKU of Windows 10 which will work on ARM and Intel tablets as well as Windows Phone devices.

Still, there is considerable wait involved before we get to know for sure precisely when Microsoft is going to ship Windows 10 to consumers. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for this information.

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