Xiaomi isn’t exactly a brand known to many people outside of China or Asia for that matter, but it doesn’t matter because even without a strong US or European presence, the company has gone on to do very well for themselves by becoming the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer.

That being said, over in China, Xiaomi has recently taken the wraps off an air purifier of their own making called the Mi Air Purifier Lab. This is to help combat the polluted air in China, which for those who haven’t seen the photos can be pretty bad, so we can’t imagine what it will be like to live through it on a daily basis.

Xiaomi’s selling point here would be price. The Mi Air Purifier Lab is priced at 899 Yuan which is a fraction of the price of a similar model by a competitor which can be bought for as much as 6,000 Yuan. According to the company, they boast that their air purifier is able to remove as much as 99.9% of PM2.5 particles in a room of about 406 cubic meters within an hour.

It does not seem likely that Xiaomi will be bringing the Mi Air Purifier Lab stateside or to other markets, but we have to wonder how the company will do in their attempts at selling white goods. What do you guys think? Will Xiaomi be able to conquer the home electronics market as well?

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