shirtYOUAREU MAGNETIC WEAR happens to be an innovative fashion startup that has jumped aboard the wearable tech bandwagon, where they have innovated the classic shirt design by making it better, not to mention easier to use. The M-shirt happens to be an innovative magnetic dress shirt, which boasts of an extremely smart and fast closure system that comes in suave Italian style, which ought to go down well with those who live life in the fast lane and cannot be bothered with the amount of time required to button up their shirts each morning.

So far, the M-shirt has made its way to crowdfunding site Kickstarter, where over $17 000 has been raised in order to see this idea fleshed out and roll off production lines in the future. Thanks to its patented, invisible magnetic closure system, your dress shirt is capable of closing itself for all practical intents and purposes, saving precious time along the way. This means you no longer have to grapple with issues of missing buttons, jammed zippers or sticky Velcro, and I would love to see this system being applied to the fly of a pair of pants or slacks rather than a shirt – since an exposed fly is all the more embarrassing.

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