iphone storageThe unsurprising reason as to why some iPhone customers choose the 16GB model is simply because it is cheaper. Unlike Android devices, iPhone storage can’t be expanded via a cheap microSD card, meaning that choosing the amount of storage is important when choosing your phone as you’re pretty much stuck with it.

That being said, how often do you run out of storage on your phone? A recent study conducted by cloud photography app IceCream and Ondevice Research has found that at least 42% of iPhone users find themselves out of storage once a month. The survey interviewed 1,000 iPhone users in both the US and the UK, and as you can see in the graph above, a total of 42% iPhone users find themselves running out of space within the space of a month.

In fact according to the survey, it was found that a whopping 76% of those taking part in the survey had 16GB versions of the iPhone, which might account for why they are running out of space so quick, especially since photos and apps will very quickly consume storage if not checked upon frequently.

Previously we had also heard that some iPhone users weren’t too happy with the advertised 16GB storage and have sued Apple, claiming that the Cupertino company had misrepresented the amount of storage made available to them. In any case what do you guys make of the survey? Do you find yourself running out of space regularly?

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