rc20Alcatel has introduced their plans to introduce a small and wireless button which is known as the OneTouch RC20 Smart Control. This unique device happens to be a small and wireless button which you can make use of as a remote control, allowing it to be able to control a bunch of functions on a smartphone. Having arrived at the FCC earlier this week, the user manual points out that this is a Bluetooth device which you can then make use of to pick out your handset’s location, to snap photos, or to control the torch or flashlight function.

Other than that, there really isn’t that much to it to this diminutive device. It comes in a small, circular form factor, accompanied by a solitary function button and a single LED light. The moment you have installed the Smart Remote app on your handset, you can then pair it up with your handset via Bluetooth, where pressing the button so that your phone can ring or vibrate in order to help you find it if you figure that it is missing somewhere, playing hide and seek with you around the home.

Apart from that, you can also press a button on your handset in order to make the Smart Remote so that it can make a sound for you to hunt it down, should it be stuck in the most cliched place – between the couch cushions.

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