mba-leaked-1Rumors that Apple is working on a 12-inch MacBook AIr have been floating about for quite a while now. Last we heard, the laptop was pegged for a possible release in Q1 2015 with production reportedly already taking place. Now we’re sure many of you guys are wondering what this laptop could look like, and now thanks to a series of leaked images obtained by ifanr (via Electronista), we could have a rough idea.

The photos leaked revealed some alleged components that are said to belong to the upcoming laptop. They are also compared to other Apple products to give an idea of its size, thickness, and its design. One interesting feature is that the Apple logo on the 12-inch MacBook Air appears to be black, similar to that found on iOS device versus the translucent logo that lights up on other Apple laptops.

There is a chance that Apple has decided to omit that feature in an effort to keep the laptop as thin as possible, which is what we had heard in earlier rumors where Apple is also said to have ditched the usual ports and connectivity options for thinner and slimmer alternatives. Interestingly enough the display of the alleged laptop features a black bezel which isn’t typical of MacBook Air designs.

This is led to the speculation that perhaps the device we are looking at could be the alleged 12-inch iPad Pro which is another rumored device Apple is expected to launch. In any case given that we can’t verify these images, do take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? 12-inch MacBook Air? iPad Pro? Or just a bunch of fakes?

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