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It looks like Apple has ended one of the longest running iTunes promotions. For 11 years the “Single of the Week” promotion has been giving out a free single download every week to millions of iTunes users across the globe. A new report cites claims from an Apple Support employee who says that Apple has decided to pull the plug on this 11 year old promotion at last.


Speculation about this promotion began when no free singles materialized after the start of 2015. For something that has been going on for over a decade to stop so abruptly it is highly likely that people will notice, and indeed they have.

Business Insider points to a post on the official Apple Support Form with the poster claiming to have heard from an Apple support employee that the promotion has been discontinued.

Apple started the Single of the Week promotion three years after the iTunes store was launched. Since 2004 it has given a free single every week but looks like that won’t be happening anymore.

This isn’t the only promotion that has been pulled recently. Over Christmas Apple’s “12 Days of Christmas” promotion failed to materialize after running for six years and giving free content like music, movies and games everyday for 12 days.

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