Flickr is an online photo sharing service used by photographers, both amateur and professional, from around the world. Some interesting data has come in from the service which shows just how much dominance the iPhone has in the world of smartphone photography. Flickr has released a list of top five overall camera brands on its service for 2014, and comparing that with the list of 2013, one sees that Apple jumped ahead of Nikon last year.

Over 10 billion photos were posted on Flickr in 2014 and the service saw a total of 100 million unique users using many different cameras from different brands. The top five brands remained the same throughout 2013 and 2014, what changed was their position on the list.

In 2014 13.4 percent of all photos uploaded on Flickr came from a Canon camera. Apple came in second place with its devices accounting for 9.6 percent of the photos. Nikon was second in 2013 but came in third this time around with 9.3 percent. Samsung jumped ahead of Sony with both bringing in 5.6 percent and 4.2 percent of all photos on Flickr respectively.

For this list Flickr only considered the brand. There was no distinction between mobile cameras and conventional shooters like DSLRs. This list simply shows which brands were used by majority of the users on Flickr.

As far as mobile cameras are concerned the iPhone 5 remained number one with 10.6 percent of all photos. Infact that first four positions on that list belong to various iPhone models, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 coming in fifth place, acocunting for 1.2 percent of all Flickr photos in 2014.

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