Acer Chromebook 15-0006So, you have been spending quite a fair amount of time with your Chromebook in the past few months, and have it all figured out – or so you thought. Well, for those who have been wondering whether they could try out a different operating system on the Chromebook itself, without having to do so in a window or to go through a fair bit of tinkering with the system, good news is on the horizon. It seems that the Chrome OS team over at Google will be throwing in support for an easy debugging switch, which will be able to let one tinker with the system files, including installing new drive images.

In other words, if you so desire, you will be able to boot up from a USB drive and in the process of doing so, to load a brand new operating system – take Linux for example. This will of course, be a solution for those who have the relevant and necessary intestinal fortitude since should Murphy’s Law strikes, you are pretty much on your own. Still, it would do a whole lot of good in simplifying things should you happen to be bored with Google’s very own Chrome operating system in the first place.

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