Getting hacked is no fun at all, and the folks over at Crayola saw their Facebook Page get just such a treatment over the weekend – which resulted in some rather inappropriate content for the supposedly child-friendly brand, so much so that the company has stepped forward with a major apology. Which is a good thing, of course.

Posts put up during the hack were certainly not what one would have expected from Crayola – as “normal” posts would see the crayon manufacturer put up information concerning craft ideas that involve its crayons, as well as promotional material which highlights gift sets from time to time. Rather, users over the weekend were greeted by off-color jokes as well as crude, lowbrow and cartoons that carry their fair share of sexual connotation.

It seemed as though the hack happened throughout the weekend, and it was until late Sunday that Crayola managed to gain control of their Facebook site, with Crayola staff having to go through all that has been tarnished, performing some much needed cleaning up work by doing away with all the offensive posts. I am quite sure that the 2.5 million Facebook followers of Crayola’s Facebook page heaved a collective sigh of relief.

Crayola then used Twitter to issue their apologies for the security breach, in addition to a post saying so on Facebook. All’s well that ends well.

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