Say you’re at home alone and you’re trying to write a song, so maybe you write the guitar part first, but you’re curious as to how it might sound like with a full band with the drums and bass accompanying it. There are a couple of ways around it, one of which is to create your own backing drums and bass tracks which can be time consuming, or you could rely on ready made tracks which might not necessarily be in line with what you had in mind, or you could put together a jam session with your bandmates.

However given that not everyone might be as free or available as you, this could be problematic as well, which is why the folks at DigiTech have come up with the DigiTech TRIO. For those who have played guitar for a while now or have dabbled in music production, the DigiTech brand is probably one that is familiar to you. The TRIO was recently announced at NAMM and is basically marketed as a band in a pedal.

The device will be able to “listen” to what you’re playing, analyze it, and then create a backing drum and bass tracks that they think will best suit what you have been playing. Now granted it won’t be able to see into your mind and understand the vision that you’re pursuing with your music, but from what we can see in the demonstration in the video above, it does work pretty well to give you the feeling of a completed piece of music.

The TRIO will be able to adapt itself to a variety of styles of music and will be able to switch between 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures, so unless you’re going for some kind of Dream Theater style of music with fast shifting and weird time signatures, we reckon you should be covered. DigiTech has yet to confirm how much it will cost or when it will be released. [Product page]

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