Facebook-liteNot all Android phones are created equal, especially if you’re in an emerging market and where the priority is cost, not so much whether its display is made from Gorilla Glass 4 or sapphire. It also means that your hardware might not be as powerful, or OEMs turn to cheaper brands which might not be as good.

This also means that your experience in running apps will differ from someone with a high-end device. However it looks like Facebook has taken that into consideration and has since launched a “lite” version of their Facebook app on mobile devices. The new Facebook Lite app has been launched and designed to run on low-end phones and markets that still largely rely on 2G networks.

Interestingly enough Facebook has yet to officially announce the app which was actually released on the 20th of January. The app is currently only available in markets such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. It weighs about 252KB in terms of download size and has apparently been optimized for slower networks.

It is also said to be efficient in terms of consuming mobile data which is actually a good thing as there are still some markets in which data is still priced at a premium. For those interested in checking out the app or seeing more screenshots, you can head on over to its Google Play Store listing for the details.

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