Chromebook users need not worry about having to install plugins or going through workarounds just to get Facebook video calls up and running. People who use the cloud based operating system no longer have to worry about such things because Facebook’s support of the WebRTC technology now makes it much easier. What this essentially means is that Facebook video calls on Chromebooks are now as easy as they can ever be. No plugins or workarounds required.

WebRTC support means that Chromebooks now support Facebook video calls right out of the box. Simply boot up the device and get going. Previously a plugin had to be downloaded and installed, while this process wasn’t really time consuming, it may be troubling for the complete novice.

There is just one requirement. Both parties to the video call need to be running a modern web browser that has support for WebRTC, this includes popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

These days its not common to find someone running an old and outdated web browser so even if the recipient is on Windows or Mac, it won’t be a problem connecting with them over Facebook video chat.

Facebook video calls can be started by clicking on the camera icon in the chat box, calls are started in a new window.

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