Firefox breaks new ground with their new video chat feature that is simply known as “Hello”. How apt, really, and now that all of the beta testing is done and over with, we will have Firefox Hello appear in the most recent stable Firefox version. Firefox Hello is an updated WebRTC function, and it exists to be an in-browser video chat function that works on the other end, never mind that the person whom you are chatting with is running on Opera or Chrome. How cool is that?

Using Firefox Hello on Firefox 35 is as simple as locating the smiley icon on your menu, where a click on it would allow you to begin a video or audio conversation. Should the other person does not have a Firefox account, fret not. You will be able to copy and/or email the conversational link for them to click on, now how easy is that? Of course, it would take a fair amount of convincing for someone who is so used to other video chat apps to make the switch to Firefox Hello.

Well, it has been said that fortune favors the brave and bold, so for those with that sense of adventure in them, perhaps it would not hurt to try Firefox Hello out. [Press Release]

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