fujitsu-ringOver at CEATEC last year as well as at CES just last week, we saw respective ring devices that allowed one to control items – the one in CEATEC let the wearer gesture through the entire user interface, while the CES model allowed one to control a smartphone remotely, as though it were by magic. Well, Fujitsu does not want to miss out on the wearable technology bandwagon, having come up with what it calls a “ring-type device” that you (obviously) wear on your finger, allowing the wearer to control Middle Earth – wait a minute, that’s the wrong script. The wearer can use this Fujitsu ring to spell out letters in the air, as well as perform a host of other gestures.

Fujitsu’s ring would be compatible with both notebooks and desktops, although the Japanese firm has set its sights on having its technology work alongside wearable computers including the likes of head-mounted displays such as Google Glass.

Imagine a head-mounted display that offers both text and graphics to your field of vision, as well as being “agile” enough to respond to voice commands. Using Fujitsu’s ring, you will be able to tackle the user interface bit in an easier and more convenient manner. Motion sensors are used to keep track of the finger’s movement, while NFC is the vehicle of choice to communicate with your wearable computer. It does not look as though Fujitsu is gearing this up to be a consumer device at the moment, but who knows? Things might change down the road. [Press Release]

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