HP-Zvr-monitor-RightWe’re sure you’ve seen movies and TV shows where the characters in the shows interact with holographic images and are able to manipulate these objects using gestures. Well the good news is that if you wanted to experience that, HP might have something for you that could come pretty close.


HP has recently announced the Zvr virtual reality display that is powered by zSpace technology. Users will be able to interact with the monitor almost like how you see in the TV shows, with some examples offered by HP such as dissecting a frog or exploring an office space, all without having to leave your chair and without having to get messy.

The HP Zvr virtual reality display will offer a 3D stereoscopic parallax display and will allow direct interaction with the device. Users are also able to share what’s on their display with others, such as at a presentation with an optional zView solution that allows users to share the content of the display on regular 2D monitors.

If all of this sounds like something you could be interested in, HP expects the Zvr virtual reality display to be made available in the spring of 2015, but unfortunately pricing is only available upon request, but don’t expect it to come cheap.

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