iPhone-6-review-2With every release of the iPhone, Apple has introduced improvements and upgrades to their cameras, which is why with the upcoming iPhone 6s (or whatever Apple plans on calling it), word on the street has it that we could be looking at more camera improvements. However if the rumors are right, these improvements could be rather drastic.

Instead of just bumping the megapixel count or improving the algorithms, the rumors are claiming that Apple could adopt a dual-lens design for the iPhone 6s. This would essentially allow Apple to offer up optical zoom capabilities on the iPhone for the first time ever. The camera module will also be redesigned to allow for improved low-light performance.

As it stands Apple’s cameras have relatively wide apertures that helps in low-light situations, but hopefully with these improvements we could be looking at even better photos with hopefully reduced noise. That being said, the iPhone 6 Plus’ camera is already a huge improvement over that of the iPhone 5s.

It comes with optical image stabilization, a feature which many have been asking for, and phase-detection autofocus, so assuming the rumors about optical zoom are true, the iPhone 6s could very well give photographers one more reason to ditch the point and shoot, but until we hear from Apple officially, do take it with a grain of salt for now.

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