Cases and covers for your smartphone, for the most part, are meant to protect your phones from bumps, scratches, and the occasional drop, but there are times when cases have been designed for fun and aesthetics. Well if you’re in the market for a novelty case, you might be interested to learn that over in Japan, they have launched what they’re calling the Trick Cover case.

The Trick Cover case is a bit of a novelty and the way the case has been marketed is rather amusing. Basically the Trick Cover is a case that will slide your phone out, you flip it up, and then you use it either flush against the back of the case, or you could prop it up and allow the case to double as a kickstand for your phone for you to watch movies, surf the web, use it on your night stand, and so on.

However like we said, the way the Trick Cover has been marketed is rather amusing. Due to the flip out and slide out nature of the case, it seems that you could choose to perform some tricks and stunts with the case and have it double up as nunchucks. We’re not even kidding as you can see in the video above. Given that this is a $30 case, we doubt there will be reinforced parts so if you do decide to get your hands on it, don’t be surprised if your precious iPhone flies out of your hands.

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