Kolibree made quite an impression last year at CES when the company showed its connected electrical toothbrush prototype. Today, Kolibree is a product ready to ship and we can see how the real time feedback works on the paired smartphone or tablet.

Kolibree is a stylish electrical toothbrush equipped with 9-axis 3D sensors, a.k.a. accelerometer, gyrometer and magnetometer. The system knows the position of the toothbrush in your mouth and can send the data to the application and provide feedback on the quality of the brushing. According to Hasegawa, DDS, MS, Co-Founder and Advisor of Kolibree, “What’s great about the Kolibree toothbrush, for a dentist who focuses on children’s dental care, is that I can see how well they’re doing and can coach them on where to improve. For patients who have just had dental surgery, I can even recommend which vibration is the most effective one based on the condition of their mouth,” Basically the system can tell users where the toothbrush has been effective and where it hasn’t.


In addition to the Kolibree application that shows how and where you can brush your teeth with a 3D model, there is a 3D game: “Pirate”. The game is a great motivator for kids who are often reluctant to use a toothbrush every day. With Pirate, they can collect coins with a 3D character displayed on the smartphone screen. The data collected in the application and the game is aggregated in the Kolibree dashboard, and the scores are displayed in a leaderboard. If the user brush her/his teeth every day at least 2 times for 2 minutes, she/he collects one gold coin per day. The coins can be redeemed for rewards. After a number of brushings, parents and dentist can see the over and under brushed areas on an interactive map and are able to help kid improve.

Kolibree will be available online this month for $199 from Kolibree website and from Amazon. It will be available later this year at selected retail stores.

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