leagueoflegends-toxic-banWe’re sure all gamers have encountered lag at some point in time. This can come either during regular gameplay, or at the most inopportune moment, like when you’re about to secure the win or you’re in the middle of a raid. While many things can contribute to lag, Riot Games is hoping to do their best to remove some of the variables.

The developer has recently announced that they are planning on building their own network in an effort to reduce lag players experience while playing League of Legends. According to Riot, “Currently, ISPs focus primarily on moving large volumes of data in seconds or minutes, which is good for buffered applications like YouTube or Netflix but not so good for real-time games, which need to move very small amounts of data in milliseconds.”

They also add that it is possible that your connection will be bounced all over the country as opposed to traveling in a direct path to where it needs to go, thus affecting its quality and speed. “This is why we’re in the process of creating our own direct network for League traffic and working with ISPs across the US and Canada to connect players to this network.”

So when is Riot’s own network expected to roll out? Well according to the developers assuming that everything goes according to plan, the hardware should be up and running by March 2015. However Riot notes that this only covers the hardware and that the actual contracts/agreements with the ISPs might take a little longer to be worked out, but still good progress anyway.

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