lg logoIt seems that an LG executive was caught saying that their upcoming flagship device, the LG G4, will not likely be introduced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, simply because the company would want to “spend more time perfecting the new phone”. Well, that is definitely not the finished article, so to speak, since additional information has arrived at our doorstep, where gleaning LG’s conference call with investors over the recent quarterly earnings report does seem to point as though LG Mobile is preparing themselves to make a major product announcement later in the second quarter of this year. No prizes for guessing what this major product announcement will be – since LG does not roll out tablets like Samsung does, chances are we would see the successor to the LG G3, which would be aptly known as the LG G4, announced in Q2 this year.

The LG executive did mention that where the LG G4 is concerned, “design will continue to differentiate in terms of strategy,” which opens up the door to another question – is he pointing to perhaps the rearrangement of the physical keys on the handset, or could the end user be looking at a different kind of material used to build the LG G4? As usual, with all rumors and speculation, only time will be able to tell in the long run, so sit tight, and in the mean time, do take what you have read with a pinch of salt – just so that you do not set yourself up with disappointment eventually.

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