microsoft__logoDuring Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement last week, the Redmond company also took the wraps off Project Spartan which would be the new and official browser that will come preloaded on Windows 10 devices. Now there have been some rumors regarding the browser and that it might even come with support for Chrome extensions.

The good news is that if you were hoping for this to be true, you’re in luck as it seems that Microsoft has confirmed that extensions will be supported by Project Spartan. This is according to a statement Neowin received from the IE Dev Chat Twitter account which reads, “Yes. We’re working on a plan for extensions for a future update to Project Spartan.”

However as the statement reads, it seems that extension support might not be available right out of the door with Project Spartan. Also interestingly enough the response specifically does not mention Chrome extensions, but rather extensions in general which means that Microsoft might have plans of their own, although we’re sure that many of you guys are hoping that Chrome extensions is still a possibility.

In any case regardless of whether they’re Chrome extensions or Microsoft’s own brand of extensions, it’s still pretty good news, especially since extensions have helped to enhance the browsing experience of many users. In the meantime is this good news for you guys?

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