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Microsoft Edge Browser Won't Immediately Be Released For Other Platforms
It came to light a few months ago that Microsoft was working on a brand new web browser that is being built from scratch to replace the ailing and ill-fated Internet Explorer. That browser now has a name, Microsoft Edge, and it will be released alongside Windows 10 later this year. There has been speculation that Microsoft might bring Edge to other platforms like OS X, iOS and Android but the company has made […]

Microsoft Edge Web Browser (aka Project Spartan)
Microsoft Edge: this is the name for the next-generation Microsoft Browser which will replace the infamous Internet Explorer. Unveiled previously as Project Spartan, the new web browser is designed to address the many criticisms its predecessor suffered from: cluttered, slow, insecure, outdated.

Microsoft Wants To Pay You To Hack Its Spartan Browser
Project Spartan is the upcoming browser that Microsoft will be including in Windows 10. We expect that the browser will have its fair share of issues right off the bat as any new software would, but it looks like Microsoft wants to nip it in the bud before it becomes out of hand. So much so that they have recently announced that they will pay cash to whoever can hack […]

Microsoft Will Disable Do Not Track In Future Versions Of IE And Spartan
Microsoft has announced that from now on it will disable the Do Not Track feature in future versions of Internet Explorer as well as its new web browser currently known as Project Spartan. For those who are unaware, the Do Not Track feature is present in many major browsers which tells websites and advertisers that the user wants to opt-out of third-party tracking which is used for targeting advertisements.


Microsoft’s Project Spartan’s Phone Design Is Not Final Yet
Project Spartan is Microsoft’s upcoming brand new browser designed for Windows 10. It will be available on both the desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10 where the previews are currently available for download. So far from what we can tell of Project Spartan, its interface is very clean and minimal at this point in time.However we’re sure that there are some features and design aspects of the browser that […]

Microsoft Unveils Preview Of ‘Project Spartan’ In Latest Windows 10 Build
Seems like Microsoft meant business when it promised the regular arrival of Windows 10 builds, and all that is happening now. It had been two weeks since the release of last build, and the company has released another build, number 10049, today. The users who are under the “fast track” of the Windows Insider program, welcome the new code. For the users who are on the slow paced cycles, wait […]

Project Spartan Might Not Support Extensions At The Start [Rumor]
According to a tweet by Microsoft enthusiast, Bavo Luysterborg, he has suggested that Microsoft’s Project Spartan will not be supporting extensions at launch, but has instead hinted that the support for extensions will come at a later date. This contradicts an earlier report in which Microsoft stated that extensions would be supported.However to be fair, the earlier statement provided by Microsoft stated that they had plans for extensions and that […]

Microsoft Confirms New Browser Engine Won't Power IE11 In Windows 10
Even before Microsoft officially confirmed it there was a lot of speculation about the company’s all new web browser currently codenamed Project Spartan. Microsoft then confirmed it and gave us a glimpse of what it looks like. It’s still very much a work in progress so we can expect the final version to have more features and possibly more user interface tweaks. While the company had said at one point that […]

Microsoft Spartan Browser Gets Video Preview
Back at its Windows 10 event in January, Microsoft confirmed many things that had already been rumored regarding the upcoming iteration of its operating system, including the fact that the company is going to ship a completely new web browser with it. The browser is known as Spartan and while the company has talked about it at multiple occasions, there aren’t that many photos or videos of it in action, […]

Next Windows 10 Preview Release Will Bring The Spartan Browser
Even before Microsoft formally announced Windows 10 we heard rumors that the company was working on a completely new web browser under the Project Spartan codename. The Spartan browser was then confirmed when Windows 10 was unveiled in January and it’s the Internet Explorer replacement for Windows 10. So far none of the preview builds have included the new browser Microsoft has confirmed today that the next Windows 10 preview release […]

Project Spartan Could Arrive On Windows 7 If There Is Enough Demand
Project Spartan, for those who missed Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement, will be the default browser when it comes to the Windows 10 platform. New operating system, new browser, we guess we can see where Microsoft is coming from, but what about older builds of Windows, like those on Windows 7?Can Windows 7 users expect to get Project Spartan on their computers as well? The semi-good news is that Microsoft has […]

Microsoft Confirms Project Spartan Will Support Extensions
During Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement last week, the Redmond company also took the wraps off Project Spartan which would be the new and official browser that will come preloaded on Windows 10 devices. Now there have been some rumors regarding the browser and that it might even come with support for Chrome extensions.The good news is that if you were hoping for this to be true, you’re in luck as […]

Project Spartan On Phone Spotted
So, now that all of the dust behind the fanfare that is Windows 10 has settled, what do you think of it? So far, initial impressions have been nothing but full of praise and bouquets, as this potentially unifying operating system does seem to make life a whole lot more convenient, especially when one has to contend with so many different platforms these days. Having said that, we were not […]

Project Spartan Is The New Windows 10 Browser
Exit Internet Explorer, it is time to welcome Project Spartan, the much talked about replacement for the aged web browser that has seen its market share fall steadily from a once seemingly invincible position. In fact, this move would not have been predicted by people many years ago, but here we are with the new official browser of Windows 10, Project Spartan.