microsoft-logoExit Internet Explorer, it is time to welcome Project Spartan, the much talked about replacement for the aged web browser that has seen its market share fall steadily from a once seemingly invincible position. In fact, this move would not have been predicted by people many years ago, but here we are with the new official browser of Windows 10, Project Spartan.

Project Spartan will feature a spanking new rendering engine underneath the hood, where your eyes will more than welcome the fresh new look for sure. It will take some getting used to at the beginning – this is to be a given, but being simplistic in nature, flat and modern, it definitely has the right “feel” to it in terms of the Windows 10 context as well as universal applications.

Project Spartan will also come with a slew of new features, where among them include Cortana integration with instant results. Yup, Cortana will be there in Project Spartan, even when you type down something with contextual significance. It does sound as though it is moving in the same direction as that of Google’s custom search snippets. Apart from that, Cortana will also point out additional information concerning places such as directions, contacts, and restaurant menus among others. One can also opt to jot down notes on top of web pages in Project Spartan, using your fingers do get the job done. Apart from that, there is also a reading mode as well as a reading list which will synchronize itself across both smartphone and tablet, making it a snap to keep track of what you have not yet finished reading. It will take 3 to 5 months for Project Spartan to arrive on Windows 10 devices.

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