new-bing-logoThe quest for the “perfect” search engine goes on – and you can be sure that this is one particular quest that will continue for quite some time, as perfection will never be reached as new technological advances are made. Bing, which is Microsoft’s very own search engine, looks set to improve itself down the road by taking search outside of the browser in order to figure out new ways to curate content that will be based on a search query.

In order to improve common queries and other searches, Microsoft would want to enlist the help of humans – and this particular product has been rumored to be known as Distill, although it remains to be seen whether Distill is just the codename at the moment, and the final product will be called something else.

Distill intends to take common and complex queries before presenting them to users so that they can answer the question. The user will go ahead to provide the relevant result, which in turn can then be integrated in Bing results. All answers will be vetted in order to maintain a semblance of accuracy and relevancy, although it remains to be seen just how Microsoft intends to draw users to have them answer questions so that the engine can be improved.

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