dos-gamesFancy taking a walk down memory lane? If you have answered in the affirmative, then chances are you would have fond memories of classics such as Ms Pac-Man, Metal Gear, The Lion King, Mega Man, bone crunching punches and uppercuts in Street Fighter 2, the Nazi-busting Wolfenstein 3D, heart stopping moments in Prince of Persia, the Sega version of Aladdin and the likes of The Oregon Trail.


Software curator Jason Scott has recently revealed that the Software Library over at the Internet Archive would make use of an EM-DOSBOX in-browser emulator in order to run the above mentioned programs. Do take note that browser-based emulation remains in beta at the moment, and needless to say, there is always the risk of a beta version of anything to run a little wild as kinks need to be sorted out. Still, this is a whole lot better than having to work on maintaining a dedicated DOS-powered machine, getting all the right and relevant drivers working, and the ilk.

What are some of the classic video games that you would have liked to see make an appearance, and I do not mean the super old classics, but rather those that have made their mark in your consciousness in the era of VGA and SVGA graphics?

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