redstarWe’re not sure if you guys have heard, but the country of North Korea has been building a operating system of their own called Red Star OS. Based on screenshots we have seen of the operating system, it looks like North Korea has decided to copy the overall look and feel of Apple’s OS X.

Now if you’re curious as to how North Korea’s Red Star OS actually handles, you might be interested to learn that thanks to a leak, the retail version of Red Star OS 3.0 is now available for you to download. Given that there are plenty of other operating systems that you could try out, we’re not sure why anyone would like to take Red Star OS for a spin.

However those who are curious and want to see what kind of operating system the country has built for itself, you can download the operating system via the Opening Up North Korea website. We should note that according to those who have peeked around the operating system, everything seems to be written in Korean.

Then again this hardly comes as a surprise since we’re sure Red Star OS wasn’t meant to be distributed to the world. It also seems that there are some functions and features that aren’t working yet, not to mention there are some reports which suggests that Red Star OS has been designed to monitor and report the user’s web usage, so perhaps you won’t want to use this for your daily driver.

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