philips nc1lGot a long plane ride that you’re not looking forward to? Well thankfully with noise cancelling headphones, you will be able pop those bad boys on your head and forget that you’re even on the plane until you arrive. However the downside to noise cancelling headphones is that they require batteries in order for noise cancelling to work.

Well the good news is that if you thought that was a troublesome feature, you might be interested to learn that Philips has recently unveiled the Fidelio NC1L headphones. These are a pair of headphones that are similar to the Fidelio M2L and will use a 24-bit digital to analog converter that should provide better quality audio playback.

Best of all, these headphones feature a Lightning connector which will work great with iOS devices. This means that the headphones will plug into your iOS device’s Lightning port where it will also draw the necessary power to help facilitate its noise cancellation technology, although this also means that it will drain your device’s battery faster.

Apart from noise cancellation, the headphones will also feature an ambient noise mode that lets you hear your surroundings, and a noise suppression setting that will allow you to make phone calls. The headphones are expected to go on sale soon where it will be priced at $299.

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