psnIt is starting to feel like a nightmare all over again, as there are PlayStation users who have reported connectivity issues whenever they try to log in to the PlayStation Network, and this particular incident has already been confirmed by Sony. Sony’s engineers are working to solve whatever problem that might be plaguing the PlayStation Network, and needless to say, they do hope to be able to get everything up and running in the shortest time possible after the recent hack over the holiday season that not only took down the PlayStation Network, but Xbox Live as well, by the Lizard Squad.

However, it does not seem as though the Lizard Squad, or any other party for that matter, has stepped forward to claim responsibility for this outage. Perhaps this is not a hack at all, but rather, some issues with the back end on Sony’s side? Whatever the case is, I am quite sure that gamers who live, breathe and eat games on Sony’s PlayStation Network would want to see it up and running as soon as possible.

So far, no issues have been reported concerning the PlayStation Network’s rival, Xbox Live, so chances are this is an isolated incident and should not involve any other party, but nothing can be confirmed until more details are revealed.

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