privacy-dna-mosquitoNow this particular report can be chilling – it does sound as though it hails from the bowels of some science fiction novel, but Harvard professors have issued a warning that ‘privacy is dead’, making predictions that robots as small as the size of a mosquito could very well do its bit to steal samples of one’s DNA down the road. Would this allow unscrupulous acts of stealing DNA? Who really knows, right?
And to think that it is not some group of paranoid students or laypersons out there who came up with such a scenario, but rather, it was thought up of by a group of Harvard professors at the World Economic Forum in Davos. It does seem as though the notion of individual privacy is effectively dead, and who are we to think that such small robots could eventually come equipped with cameras and microphones in order to record all that is going on behind closed doors? Surely such a time would see the strength of one’s character shine through all the more of the tenets of honesty under every circumstance, even when behind closed doors.

At the end of the day, such technology is a double-edged sword, so it really depends on which party would be able to get hold of it – and use it the right way.

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