Over Christmas you might have heard about PlayStation Network troubles but that was nothing compared to what happened back in 2011. Many of you would remember that back then PlayStation Network had been knocked offline for almost a month, and not only that, account information of more than 77 million users had also been compromised. Sony is making up for that ordeal by offering cheap old games and some other digital content.

A class action lawsuit was naturally filed after the 2011 PSN hack and Sony had announced a settlement last year. As part of that settlement the company has now started accepting claims from users that were affected by the outage.

Those who are submitting claims must have had a U.S. based PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment or Qriocity account before May 15th, 2011. What they’ll receive as part of the settlement depends on certain criteria like whether their accounts have been inactive since the outage and whether or not these users got content under Sony’s Welcome Back promotion after PSN returned from the outage back in 2011.

The games that are being offered aren’t going to excite anybody. Available choices include LittleBigPlanet, Super Stardust HD, God of War HD and a few other games for PlayStation 3 and PSP.

Users can also choose to claim themes or get three months of free PlayStation Plus, that’s probably the best deal there is, but current members aren’t eligible for the free PS Plus subscription.

Tentative deadline to submit these claims is August 31st, 2015. Content will be rolled out after the deadline passes.

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