sony-smart-bfit-5[CES 2015] Sony intends to keep their wearable tech bandwagon rolling on, and they have decide to shift things up by another gear actually in the form of the Sony SmartWear prototypes that were just announced at CES. First of all, there is the Smart B-Trainer that you can see above, which so happens to be an all-in-one, lightweight, headset-style device which was specially developed for runners as it comes equipped with essential running sensors alongside the ability to play back music, now how about that?


In fact, the Smart B-Trainer intends to encourage a sustainable running routine, where it will facilitate progress through the automatic selection of songs by figuring out the tempos of the available tracks in order to match the user’s heart rate, and at the same time offer audio guidance for a wide range of training programs. It is certainly sweat-proof, that is for sure.

Apart from that, there is also the SmartEyeglass Attach! concept model that is meant for sports use, which so happens to be an attachable Single Lens Display Module that was announced in December last year. This is a high-resolution eyewear module which will take advantage of Sony’s special OLED technology, allowing it to be integrated into the eyewear products of other third parties so that the user experience is enhanced as users get to view essential information via a high-resolution color display. Working well regardless of whether it is indoor or outdoor, the SmartEyeglass Attach! will hopefully meet its target of a release later this fiscal year.

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