tesla model x

Tesla has cemented its position is a major player in the electric car market. There is already a lot of anticipation for its upcoming vehicle called the Model X. The company has revealed some more details about the new electric car, there’s one thing in particular that gives it bragging rights, because according to the company the Tesla Model X is going to be the first electric car that’s tow-capable.

The Tesla Model X is the much awaited SUV from this company. Details known about the Model X include the fact that its going to have “Falcon Wing” doors, dual motor all wheel drive system, seven seats and semi-autonomous technology.

It will be available in three battery power options, 60 kWh, 85 kWh, and 85 kWh “Performance,” the option that will make it the first electric car with towing capacity according to Tesla. It remains to be seen how the ability to tow will effect the car’s range which is of absolute importance in an all electric car.

Tesla has also said that the 85kWh options will have an impressive 0-60mph acceleration time without providing any specific figures so this would be an interesting thing to find out when the car actually comes out.

Getting your hands on one is going to be tricky. The company has already said that the Model X is sold out in the U.S. for this year so the earliest new customers can get their hands on one is 2016.

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