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Tesla To Reduce Model S, X Interior Options To Simply Production
While electric cars aren’t new, Tesla has managed to create electric cars that many people seem to want. The only problem is that Tesla has a problem trying to keep up with demand, with many customers being forced to wait before their cars are ready, and now it looks like Tesla might have come up with a solution, although one we’re not sure everyone will like.

Tesla Recalling 11,000 Model X Cars Due To Seat Cables
Tesla today announced that it’s voluntarily recalling 11,000 Model X crossovers worldwide due to seat cables that could potentially break during a crash. The cables might prevent the rear row of seats from locking into place if there’s a crash. The recall covers Model X units built with fold-flat second row seats.

Tesla Delivery Numbers Hit New Record This Quarter
Tesla hasn’t always been able to hit its delivery targets and it has taken a lot of flak for that over the past few years. It has been hard at work to ramp up production and deliver vehicles to tens of thousands of customers who have been waiting months for their Model X and Model S units to arrive. Tesla’s Q1 2017 production and deliveries report shows that the company […]

Tesla Superchargers In North America Will Be Doubled This Year
Tesla’s Supercharger network is integral to the experience of owning an all-electric car but without having to make a trade-off when it comes to range, particularly when driving long distances. Its Supercharger network is what enables owners to make coast-to-coast trips without having to spend too much time charging up the car in between. The company has a respectable number of these stations live already in North America and Tesla […]


Tesla Free Unlimited Supercharging Incentive Extended
Tesla announced in November last year that customers who purchase a new electric car after January 1st, 2017 will no longer receive unlimited Supercharger charging as an incentive. The company has now said that it’s extending this incentive for a little while so that new Model S and Model X customers can enjoy unlimited Supercharger charging for a couple of weeks before Tesla finally takes away this incentive for good.

Tesla Sued After Model X Reportedly Accelerated Into Living Room
Having your car suddenly accelerate with enough force to punch a hole through your garage and into your living room is something that you might see in movies or TV, but it seems that it has happened to a certain Ji Chang Son, the owner of a Tesla Model X who claimed that the vehicle had suddenly accelerated despite having been parked.

New Tesla Model X Easter Egg Is Pretty Cool
Tesla is known for hiding Easter eggs in the code that powers its cars. It’s a fun little thing that the company does and that’s certainly appreciated. Over the past few days there have been whispers on the street that Tesla Model X can access a new Easter egg that’s themed around Christmas. Many have found the Easter egg now and uploaded videos showing precisely what it does, it’s pretty […]

Tesla Model X Gets Branded As 'Fast And Flawed'
Tesla takes great pride in the vehicles that it produces and given that all of the cars it’s selling right now cost a pretty penny, customers certainly want them to be the best possible cars they can be. It doesn’t really instill confidence in the product when a big consumer outlet calls it “fast and flawed,” but that’s what Consumer Reports makes of the Model X, Tesla’s first all-electric crossover.

Latest Tesla Demo Shows What Its Fully Autonomous Car Sees
Tesla released a demo video last month which showcased the fully autonomous driving capabilities of the Model X. The new self-driving system enabled the Model X to drive on its own without any human input. The demo showed us how the Model X emerged from a garage, made its way through suburban streets and merged on a freeway before ending up at a Tesla facility all by itself. That was […]

Cheapest Model X Dropped By Tesla
If you’ve been thinking about purchasing the Model X crossover from Tesla, your cost of entry just went up because the company has quietly discontinued the 60D version of the electric car. Now that the cheapest version of the crossover has been dropped the cost of entry has gone up by $10,000 as the 75D is now the base model.

Latest Tesla Update Makes Model S One Of The Fastest Production Cars In The World
Some of the fastest production cars in the world are also some of the most expensive. However, you can now get the same thrill of speed for a fraction of a price of a Ferrari or high-end Porsche. Tesla today announced new 100kWh battery updates for the Model S and the Model X. With this latest update the Model S has now become the third fastest production car in the […]

Tesla Model X Owner Claims Car Saved His Life During Accident
Recently Tesla has been getting a bit of bad press over its autopilot feature, and how there have been several reports of people getting into accidents and dying which have been attributed to the feature, so much so that over in China, it forced the company to rethink the way they had marketed the feature.

Tesla Now Offers Two-Year Lease For Model S And Model X
Tesla has announced that after considering feedback from its customers and fans it has decided to offer a new two-year lease option for its vehicles. The two-year lease option is available to customers who are going to purchase either a Tesla Model S or Model X. The company already offers a three-year lease program but it says that there were a lot of requests for a shorter lease period.

Tesla Model S And Model X Could Soon Get A Bigger Battery
An electric car is only as good as its battery since that crucial component is what sustains the car on the road. Tesla’s electric cars already provide more than 250 miles of range on a single charge but it appears that the company will soon be offering even bigger batteries with the Model S and the Model X, making them capable of going as much as 380 miles on a […]

Tesla Introduces Cheaper Model X
Until the Tesla Model 3 is released the company’s cars are going to be outside the range of most average consumers, with the Model S and Model X pushing the price point as high as $100,000 these cars can not be afforded by everyone. Tesla recently decided to bring back the 60-kilowatt-hour Model S to offer it at a cheaper price and now it’s giving the same treatment to the […]

Tesla Misses Delivery Targets Yet Again
For the past few quarters, Tesla has been missing its own delivery targets even though it’s taking steps to ramp up production of the models it has on sale right now. The company has confirmed that it delivered 14,370 cars to customers in the second quarter, missing its own estimate of 17,000 cars.

Latest Tesla Easter Egg Brings A Color Show
Tesla makes cars of the future, cars that require complex software to function, and the company has a very nice habit of including Easter eggs in its software updates. These are just little things that are hidden inside software updates, the latest update features an Easter egg that adds a color show to the charging port. This Easter egg makes the Model S and Model X charging port light up […]

Ford Paid Almost $200,000 To Get The First Tesla Model X
It’s not uncommon for car manufacturers to pay a heavy premium so that they’re able to acquire one of the first models of a new rival car right off the production line and that’s precisely what Ford did with the Tesla Model X. A new report reveals that Ford paid close to $200,000 just so it could get its hands on one of the first Model X units. It paid […]

Tesla Recalls Model X Over Potentially Unsafe Rear Seats
While there are several electric cars on the road, there aren’t as many electric SUVs which is what makes the Tesla Model X so special. That and the awesome-looking gullwing doors that lends a certain sporty factor to the overall design. However it seems that the vehicle is not without its problems.

Tesla Opens Model X Configurator Tomorrow
Tesla may have announced its new Model 3 sedan but most of its customers are still waiting to receive their Model X. Till now, Tesla first made them make a reservation for $5,000 before they were sent an invite to configure the car as per their liking. It’s finally removing that restriction. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that the company is going to open up the Model X configurator […]