immersion-vrelia[CES 2015] You can say that head mounted displays are still a relative rarity these days – but momentum in this niche market will pick up for sure. Immersion-VRelia, Inc., a name that ought to be familiar among those who wheel and deal in Virtual Reality (VR) hardware and software circles, has decided to deliver a slew of VR offerings at CES this year which they hope will change the way we work, play, and interact. One of the headliners would be “The GO”, and The GO’s biggest advantage, or selling point, would be its ability to be a universal, smartphone powered Head Mounted Display (HMD).


How does The GO work? Well, for starters, it will be able to transform majority of the iOS and Android smartphones into a powerful Head Mounted Display so that one will be able to experience a fully immersive virtual reality experience. Apart from that, this rather unique device would boast of adjustable focus for individual eyes, which means there is no need to wear prescription lenses while you’re enjoying it. Another feature would be eye-separation control, making The GO carry an unprecedented level of versatility.

Each unit of The GO will be bundled alongside the Gamepad-F2 special edition from Viaplay, where this fully featured smart gamepad has been specially optimized for the Immersion-VRelia experience in order for users to enjoy and navigate The AlterSpace without the need to touch the phone screen physically.

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