the interviewI am quite sure that a fair number of us have already caught whiff of “The Interview”, where Sony Pictures underwent one of the more famous hacks in recent years due to the movie offering a lighthearted look at the North Korean regime. Having said that, all the interest surrounding the movie has definitely helped in its sales, and it is interesting to note that The Interview has already generated over $31 million worth of sales in video-on-demand streams for Sony Pictures, which would hail from more than 4.3 million transactions all the way through January 4. If you would like to rent The Interview, it will cost $5.99, while owning it for good would cost $14.99.


According to Sony Pictures, The Interview raked in $15 million in digital receipts during its first four days of release, and then slightly more than that – to the tune of $16 million to be exact from December 28, 2014 all the way through January 4, 2015. Of course, the variety of online availability through the likes of YouTube, Google Play, Xbox Video and a dedicated website did help it its sales.

As for The Interview’s box office performance, it managed a paltry $5 million to date, which definitely pales in comparison, but partly because it has yet to spread across numerous theaters. Well, it remains to be seen whether the company’s top-grossing online film to date will have enough momentum on the silver screen to be a domestic box office success.

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