[CES 2015] Mirrors are especially useful if you would want to prepare yourself for a night out. After all, a mirror is the perfect tool to help you see whether what you put on matches – essential if you are going to meet that dreamy date of yours. Not only that, they also let you double check as to whether you have anything stuck between your teeth or not. Having said that, what if mirrors were to be modified – and imbued with some degree of technological wizardry? Enter Toshiba and their Virtual Dressing Room.

The premise of the Virtual Dressing Room from Toshiba works like this – it will help you remove the guesswork from finding the perfect look from any occasion, and there looks as though there is a gesture control based interface, and best of all is, you do not need to worry about having to put back those clothes onto a hanger, or even picking up all those dresses that you have tried on from the floor, but found them to be distasteful.

It will take some time before this idea catches on, as matching colors and design is one thing, but the “feel” of the dress on your body would also play another very important factor. Apart from that, the choice of material used in the dress would also matter, since some folk would find cotton to be most comfortable, while others more prickly – and with a virtual mirror, you can’t really tell.

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