You hardly ever want to get up from in front of the TV during the Super Bowl but when the halftime show rolls in that’s usually when you quickly make a trip to the loo and get some more snacks and drinks. Its not like everyone who watches the Super Bowl is into the halftime show and those who do crave the entertainment now have an alternative. For the first time a YouTube Super Bowl halftime show has been planned for February 1st where the content will be provided by some of the biggest stars on this online video streaming community

The YouTube Halftime Show will be produced in collaboration with Collective Digital Studio and will be live streamed on the AdBlitz channel that we reported about earlier today. It will be filmed at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles.

More than 20 of the biggest YouTube stars will be featured throughout the halftime show such as Harley Morenstein from EpicMealTime, Toby Turner, Freddie Wong and more.

These stars will be performing stunts and spoofing ads. Speaking of ads, YouTube has brought back the AdBlitz channel which will bring together all of the Super Bowl ads so that you can watch them later. YouTube revealed that last year users watched over 6.3 million hours worth of Super Bowl ads on the website.

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