Apple is reportedly going to make a major shift in the way it handles Genius Bar appointments. For those who don’t know, the company has a Genius Bar in its retail stores where technicians are on hand to help users facing problems with their devices. According to a report during the week of March 9th Apple is going to introduce a new program called “the new Concierge,” which will replace the existing method of walk-in appointments.

Traditionally customers who want to visit the Genius Bar visit an Apple Store, tell the issue they’re facing to the check-in assistant, and then receive an appointment. They have to turn up in that time slot to get assistance.

Apple will reportedly move away from this method. Instead customers will first tell their issue to a store employee who will punch it into an iPad app. The app will then provide the customer with a wait time, it will automatically prioritize appointments based on the severity of the issue, and customers will give a phone number where they can receive automatic wait time updates.

Customers will be sent three updates via text message. The first will confirm their Genius Bar request and mention the wait time. They will be free to leave the store if there’s ample time available. The second text will notify them that its time to come back to the store. The third text will notify customers that their technician is ready and where exactly they can be found inside the store.

This new method will reportedly have no change on Genius Bar appointments that are booked online, at least for the time being, Apple might make changes to that down the line.

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