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It looks like BlackBerry handsets might make a return to T-Mobile. Today the carrier held its Q4 earnings call, which was also streamed live on YouTube for the very first time, and one of the questions that was asked for the earnings announcement came from a Twitter user who wanted to inquire whether BlackBerry handsets will ever return to T-Mobile. CEO John Legere answered that both companies are in a “positive” discussion over this matter.

T-Mobile and BlackBerry had a rather public falling out last year when the carrier sent its BB owners promotional material offering them a great deal to upgrade to an iPhone 5c.

This obviously angered BlackBerry, CEO John Chen said the carrier’s move was “ill-conceived,” and T-Mobile continued down that path by launching a program which basically gave customers incentives to give up on their BlackBerry smartphones.

So both T-Mobile and BlackBerry decided to call it quits last year and since then the Canadian manufacturer’s smartphones have not been available to Magenta subscribers.

In recent month’s BlackBerry’s position has improved significantly. Its latest devices are actually generated good consumer interest and while it is nowhere near iOS and Android, the company seems to be holding steady course so far.

Legere didn’t provide any guarantees or timeframes for the return of BlackBerry devices, but given that the two companies are having positive discussions, it is very much possible that BlackBerry smartphones might return to T-Mobile at some point later this year.

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