chrome warningThere are certain websites out there that are laced with malware. Sometimes it is unintentional due to bad plugins, and sometimes it is intentional as the website was designed to mislead the user from the get-go. Thankfully browsers like Chrome have warnings in place that inform users of potential dangers before letting them proceed if that’s what they choose.

However Google has decided to take things to the next level by warning the user of potential malware even before the domain itself is displayed, which is basically an earlier step than previously where the warning would load after the domain has been entered into the address bar. The new warning is displayed as shown in the screenshot above.

Hopefully this new warning system will be able to help reduce the amount of malware accidentally downloaded and installed onto computers, especially from websites that are laced with malware that have the ability to change your default search settings or maybe even change your browser’s home page to one of their own, or maybe even trick you into download a piece of malware.

Google has also made some other changes, like in search results where according to Google, “Google Search now incorporates signals that identify such deceptive sites.  This change reduces the chances you’ll visit these sites via our search results.” The latest build of Chrome can be downloaded via Google’s website.

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