A good song at the right tempo can be huge motivation for runners. It helps keep them pumped and focused as they allow the tunes to take over as they just move their feet. For those who have listened to music while running, you know that a bad beat/song can throw you off, which is what the Keep Beat bra is hoping to do.


Designed by Northumbria University student Victoria Sowerby, this is a smart bra that keeps track of your heart rate and will have the ability to alter the BPM of your music if your heart rate is too fast/slow. Basically the idea is that instead of the runner trying to keep track of their pace by constantly checking their fitness band or an app, the tempo of your music should be enough to cue you in without being overly distracting.

The bra can measure your heart rate thanks to its conductive fabric which has also been designed for sports use, meaning that it won’t trap sweat or bacteria. The data is then relayed to your smartphone which can be kept in a pocket round the back of the bra between your shoulder blades which might come in handy for those whose running pants/tights might not have pockets.

According to Sowerby who explained her choice, “When I ran with mine in my pocket, it would bounce up and down, and I don’t like armbands because they can rub a bit or throw your balance off.” It’s an interesting concept but at the moment the wearable is not a commercial product just yet, but Sowerby did note that she is in talks with a major athletic company about making it an actual product.

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