modern-familyIt was close to the end of last week that we brought you word that a future episode of Modern Family was to be filmed using iPads and iPhones, and hence, it is not surprising to know that last night’s episode of Modern Family? Well, that was the one which made use of the iPhone 6 as well as the iPad Air 2 to film.

Just to rehash our memories, the iPhones were specially placed in holsters by the camera crew, while the actors were instructed to ensure that their arms touch the cameraman’s arm during the shooting of each whole scene. The idea behind doing so would be to have it look as though the actors themselves were the ones holding the handset, when in real life, it was not the case.

As for this historical episode, it carries the title “Connection Lost,” and will be part of a series of FaceTime chats between Claire and her family throughout different locations dotted across Los Angeles. This marks the very first time that a whole episode of Modern Family relied on the rear camera of a smartphone, and the iPhone 6 in particular this time around. Do you think that this is but a novelty, or will it be able to actually take off down the road?

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