applevanIt looks like the mystery surrounding some of Apple’s vans are not going to be too much of a puzzler to solve after all, where simple deduction would reveal that they are most certainly more suitable for 3D mapping purposes rather than autonomous driving, which has been pretty much the buzz that is going around after word came out that Apple is the company behind a slew of minivans equipped with cameras were discovered roaming streets all over the country. We would like to further expound on what was shared a couple of days ago concerning this mysterious Apple minivan sighting.

Sightings of this Apple minivan have happend in places like Hawaii; Madison, Wisc.; and Panama City, Panama. Take note of that, that autonomous vehicle testing on public roads happens to be legal only in California, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington, D.C., which means it is not authorized at all in places such as New York, Hawaii, or Wisconsin, although Hawaii does happen to have a legalization measure that is currently under consideration in the legislature.

Apple has not been given permits at all when it comes to testing autonomous vehicles, although that is inconsequential, since they could very well have been working alongside a firm that already has all of the red tape all cleared up. Apart from that, there are many other things going against the possibility of seeing an iCar (self driving ride) down the road, which would include Apple’s recent hiring efforts, the local motor vehicle laws involved as mentioned earlier, as well as the cameras that have been seen to be used on the vehicles themselves.

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