nerf-rivalWhen we think of Nerf guns, we think of toys meant for teens where the foam darts tend to be more annoying than painful, modified Nerf guns not included. However it seems that Hasbro has recently unveiled a new set of Nerf guns that might be of interest to those who are a little bit older and looking for something a bit more powerful.

The new lineup is part of Hasbros’ Rival lineup and what makes it more enticing those of us looking for a bit more power, is that the new Nerf guns have the ability to shoot out foam balls that can travel as fast as 70mph! Granted they won’t hurt as much as being shot by a paintball gun, but it’s definitely a step up from the regular Nerf guns.

For those who are looking forward to getting their hands on it, the Zeus MXV-1200 will come with motorized reloads and will cost $50, but for those who don’t want to spend so much, the Apollo XV-700 is pretty much similar minus the motorized reload and will cost $25. Hasbro has also unveiled the N-Strike Modulus gun which can be used together with the $15 upgrade kits.

These kits will allow owner to modify the gun by turning it into either a close-quarters weapon or turn it into a rifle that allows you to shoot from far. Both Nerf’s Modulus and Rival lineup are only expected to be available this fall, so Nerf enthusiasts will have to contend with the current lineup for now.

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