While Hasbro’s Nerf series of foam dart guns have typically been marketed towards children, there are many grown ups who are more than happy to play with them, or some even go further by modding them. Now if you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on a new Nerf gun, then Hasbro’s latest offering might be of interest to you.

The company has recently announced it Nerf Laser Ops Pro blaster line which is different from its foam dart lineup. These guns have been designed for laser tag (which presumably won’t burn your skin) that fires off IR beams. These beams will help users keep track of ammo, health, and how your team is doing. It even comes with an accompanying armband that lets you connect your smartphone to the gun, which as Engadget points out means that this particular toy is aimed more towards grown ups.

While laser tag is obviously designed for multiple people to enjoy at once, there will be a solo mode in which the Alphapoint version of the blaster will come with a solo attachment that lets you play alone. The Alphapoint will be sold at $30 for one or $45 for a two-pack, but there will also be a Pro Deltaburst model that can first a three-shot AR burst and features an LCD. That particular model will retail for $50, and all will be available for purchase starting this August.

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