The age of virtual reality is upon us. Headsets like the Samsung Gear VR are already available in the market for people who want to experience this technology, other companies are actively working to bring their own products to the market, Oculus has already built up quite some hype for its virtual reality headset. Panasonic isn’t going to be left out. The company recently showed off an early prototype of its VR headset at an event in Japan.


Panasonic’s VR prototype has an OLED display which provides a 90-degree viewing angle, omnidirectional camera capable of capturing video at 75 frames per second, and ear hooks which would apparently make this headset easier to wear as opposed to headsets like the Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

The omnidirectional camera touts seven image sensors which allow it to capture videos and photos from all directions, it sounds similar to Samsung’s Project Beyond, and the prototype is capable of covering the entire field of view while also displaying image that follows the movements of the user’s head.

Panasonic’s VR headset prototype isn’t build to run off a smartphone like the Gear VR and LG’s VR for G3, so as yet the company hasn’t said what type of content its virtual reality headset will support, but Panasonic does say that it wants to be able to use this technology in one way or the other at the Tokyo Olympic Games which are scheduled for 2020.

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