photos-macIt does seem as though Apple’s very first beta of the upcoming Photos application for OS X points users in the direction of a sleek, uncluttered interface which will make one feel as though using it is a very natural thing, especially for those who have already made use of the modern Photos app for iPhone and iPad. Not only that, the Photos app for OS X will also bring along with it features and strong iCloud integration to the desktop.

Developers were treated to a preview of the new Photos app earlier this morning, and the pre-release software certainly does an excellent job at blurring the lines between OS X and iOS, which is a testament to Apple’s continuous effort over the years to ensure that both of those platforms end up as a single, consistent ecosystem.

Of course, since this is but a beta, it still has its fair share of bugs – which is why Photos for OS X has not been released to the general public just yet. Initial testing of it has seen a fair number of crashes, and I would say that this is the perfect time to support the notion of releasing a particular software or hardware only when everything has been gone through – in order to minimize any user pain down the road.

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